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Hellenic Shaolin Federation (HSF)

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With the authorization of the Greek State, the exclusive cooperation with the Greek Shaolin Cultural Center and under the auspices of the Songshan Shaolin Temple, we represent the 1,500 years of Shaolin culture in Greece.

The Greek Shaolin Federation (GSF) [少林希腊联合会] is based in the city of Athens and was established by the General Assembly on 4/9/2002 and formally recognized by the Greek State, under the 6900/2002 decision of the Court of Athens.


Our Federation is the highest educational developed organization dealing with and grow the Shaolin Culture in Greece.

Shaolin Europe Association [SEA] e.V.

Ευρωπαϊκή Ομοσπονδία Σαολίν [SEA] e.V.

The Shaolin Europe Association [SEA] e.V. was founded in Vienna on September 1st, 2010 by His Excellency, the Venerable Grandmaster Shi Yong Xin, Abbot of the Shaolin Temple Henan/China. The main purpose of the Federation is to promote the culture of 1,500 years of Shaolin and safeguard the authenticity. The Shaolin Europe Association [SEA] an Organisation to promote and safeguard the authentic Shaolin culture and is based in Berlin Shaolin Temple [Berlin Bundesallee 215 10804].

The Greek Shaolin Cultural Center has the official endorsement of Songshan Shaolin Temple to promote correct, healthy and comprehensive development of the Shaolin culture in Greece and to present with completeness and accuracy the teaching and dissemination of Shaolin Kung Fu and any art that is associated with it.

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®Shaolin Wugong Duanwei System. TheOfficial HSF Evaluation System

®Σαολίν Γου Κουνγκ Ντουάν Ουέϊ. Το Επίσημο Σύστημα αξιολόγησης του Σαολίν

The Hellenic Shaolin Wugong Duanwei System [Chin.: Xīlà Shǎolín wǔgōng duànwèizhì希腊少林武功段位制] has been specially established by the Hellenic Shaolin Federation [Chin.: Shàolín Xīlà liánhéhuì 少林希腊联合会] to promote the development of Shaolin martial arts, to raise the level of Shaolin martial arts techniques and theory, and to establish a standard for evaluating the technical level of Shaolin martial arts in Greece.

The Duanwei System is based on each individual's years of Shaolin martial arts training and Shaolin martial arts activities, mastery of Shaolin martial arts techniques and theories, research results, Shaolin martial arts ethics and etiquette accomplishment, contribution to the development of Shaolin martial arts, and the attestation of a comprehensive evaluation system of practitioners' skill levels of Shaolin martial arts.

®Αccredited Greek Shaolin Cultural Representatives

®Διαπιστευμένοι Ελληνικοί Πολιτιστικοί Φορείς Σαολίν

The strong desire of the Greek public on knowledge about the wider dissemination of the cultural heritage of Shaolin, and the brazen use of Shaolin Kung Fu by some for their own exploitation and personal benefits, forced the Greek Shaolin Federation (GSF) [少林希腊联合会], the highest educational developed organization of sports clubs dealing with and grow the Shaolin Martial Arts in Greece, to establish and operate the institution of Accredited Greek Shaolin Cultural Representatives under the 01945/2012 decision of the Board.

For the certification of recognized clubs and for their recognition within the framework of our actions for disseminating Shaolin Arts in Greece, we have created a separate logo, which demarcate our intention to protect those who wish to experience the Culture and Heritage of Shaolin.